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Marduq for developers

Hands on with Marduq technology

Marduq for Developers

(almost) Complete Freedom

Marduq is build for developers by developers. we feature a wide range of developer features allowing you to create your own enrichment and interactions

Apart from the large collection of Marqers that we made ourselves, we also offer the possibility to make your own. You only need to know a bit of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to get started. We've added the rocking Ace-editor ingebouwd, that even supports javalint and codehinting

Even more features

  • Ace: Lint, Code Hinting and syntax highlight
  • Shadow-dom for marqers
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts like Adobe After Effects
  • Use all the Google fonts and supports flexible font sizes
  • Add your own Content Delivery Network
  • Simple player wrapper through Popcorn
  • Completely reactive editor.


Marduq is based around an API service. This site, and the whole editor are simply views on said API. If you want to make your own front end application with your own video player you can do so using the MarduqJS framework. This is a node framework that connects directly to the API. This means you need to get an API key, which we provide per request. We can also help you set it up for your application. marduqjs pagina op Github where a library is waiting for him to makes his own marduq in Node.js

MarduqJS is only at version 0.1 and in an (early) alpha, but gives some good insights on how we're working with the API.

Api keys are available thtough the subscription (we'd be delighted to give you one). Just add it in your email to us, that you want a key.

Thin Client

When you already have a video on your page, or you are unable to embed a complete marduq window, you might want to use the ‘thin client’. This client wraps around any video, youtube of Kaltura object in your page, and adds the marqers of a specific program to it. This way you can for instance use one program for multiple videos in your site.

Include the Marduq thin client in your page

 <script src=''></script>

For a video tag add this code snippets, where ‘#le_video’ is the id of a <video> tag on your page

 var m = new marduq()
m.program_id = '5674a19f6465766873000015' = '#le_video'

When you are using youtube

 var m = new marduq()
m.program_id = '5674a19f6465766873000015'
m.type = 'youtube' = '#le_youtube'
m.ytid = ''

For Kaltura you can use

 var m = new marduq()
m.program_id = '5674a19f6465766873000015'
m.type = 'kaltura' = '#kaltura_player'
m.content_id = '1_58ch1qja'

Kaltura Pugin

Based partly on the 'thin client', we proved a plugin for Kaltura players that enables all the features of Marduq within the Kaltura player. There are some minor drawbacks to this approach, primarily where there are security and cross-content (CORS) concerns. This is to be exptected and should be no problem as long as you are able to host all assets yourself. For this to work you need to set rules in Marduq as for what programs should be shown with which video. The simplest rule is of course: Kaltura entry_id so-and-so should serve program so-and-so. But you can also serve marduq programs based on , certain tags or categories.

The plugins can be used from here[YOUR MARDUQ CLIENT ID]

add it as variable in Kaltura, with key:


configuring external resources

more on external resources

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